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Mediterranean Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association

The furniture industry has rapidly progressed in all fields in Turkey and started off 2019 with a 14% increase in exports over 2018. According to Trade Map data, Turkey is 11th of 228 countries in the global furniture exporter rankings.

Furniture companies from Kayseri have a goal to increase the country’s place in these rankings.

Professional firms in Kayseri, which is a locomotive city for the Turkish furniture industry, have come together to extend the reach of Kayseri Furniture Industry to all corners of the world.

Our companies advance each day in the path of being a global brand and have principles of quality production, swift delivery, and flexibility, and they occupy a professionalism that can meet all the needs of you, our valued business partners, all over the world.

Our companies have suppliers in approximately 100 countries in the Furniture and Furniture Subsidiary Industry, compete for quality and price with the world’s largest current furniture companies, and provide for the global giants.

The technological production facilities our companies own, the production methods that comply with global standards, and each product produced with developed testing laboratories will strengthen the global reputation and market share for our valued business partners.

Under the patronage of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade and in cooperation with the Mediterranean Exporters Union (AKIB), Kayseri Furniture and Furniture Subsidiary Industry strengthens the bonds between our industry and the world.